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Commercial Programs

We offer Class 1, Class 3 Driver Training and Airbrakes Training.

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Class 1, 140 Hour MELT Training $16,000

Class 1, 140 Hour MELT Training (Mandatory Entry Level Training) 

Effective Oct. 18, 2021, individuals applying for a B.C. Class 1 driver’s licence must successfully complete an ICBC-approved Class 1 MELT course before attempting a road test. B.C.’s MELT program was developed through a review of best practices from other Canadian jurisdictions and with input from industry in British Columbia. It was designed to align with the Standard 16-Class 1 Entry-Level Training framework introduced as part of the National Safety Code in February 2020.

The 140 hours work out to 43 hours of Theory (Classroom), 97 Hours of Practical Training.

Class 3, 37 Hour Course $3750

Class 3, 30 Hour Course.

The 37 hours work out to 7 hours of Theory (Classroom) Airbrakes, 30 hours of Practical Training, which we will go over, chaining up tires, load securement, pre trip post trip inspections. If any additional time is required Hourly rate is $125 for Class 3

Airbrakes 7 hours Theory ONLY $200

Currently we only offer 7 hour theory Airbrakes, not a full airbrakes course.

Need more information? Feel free to reach out.

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